Sports Outta Ballwin NBA Draft Log

The latest Sports Outta Ballwin podcast is an audio log of the 2017 NBA Draft including reaction to the Jimmy Butler trade.

Sports Outta Ballwin NBA Draft audio log


2017 NBA Draft Rankings

This is a “big board”.  This is not a mock of any sorts, but purely a ranking of 2017 NBA Draft Prospects. Continue reading →

The Other Point Guards

The 2017 NBA Draft is rich with talent up and down the board.  The point guard position is one that stands out as a particularly bountiful spot.  Much of the attention has gone to four point guards; Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball, De’Aaron Fox, and Dennis Smith – all coming off their freshman seasons.  Frank Ntilikina, from France, has also been highly rated.   While all five of these point guards deserve the consideration they are getting, there are also a few point guards who are flying under the radar. Continue reading →

In search of the next Draymond Green

Draymond Green, picked 35th overall by the Warriors in 2012, has turned out to be a draft pick worthy of the envy of all other 29 teams.  He has obviously been a catalyst in the Warriors surge to the top of the NBA mountain and is a contender for Defensive Player of the Year.  His versatility and tenacity have made him one of the very best second round picks of the last 20 years.  While every team hopes their second round pick in this week’s draft turns out like Green, the focus should be on identifying the prospects who have the best chance of replicating Green’s unique talents.  There are three prospects in the 2017 NBA Draft who evoke traits of Draymond Green. Continue reading →

Sports Outta Ballwin Mega Podcast

A mega podcast to catch up on the St. Louis Cardinals, the NL Central (5:45), a recap of the NBA Finals (14:00), a look at NBA legacies (17:00), a look ahead to the NBA Draft (43:15), and finally a glance at some college football win total over/unders (1:04:30).

Sports Outta Ballwin podcast

Sports Outta Ballwin Episode II

Topics include the St. Louis Cardinals and their trade of Matt Adams, the Chicago Cubs (11:00), a snapshot of the NL Central (15:50), Mizzou’s splash toward the end of the NCAA basketball recruiting season (21:00),  the state of SEC basketball (25:10),  Take that for Data! concerning the NBA Finals (28:00), Matheny Mistake Manifesto (37:00), and finally The Sauna where the 2017 NBA Finals are discussed with each host taking a side in the Trilogy (40:30)

Sports Outta Ballwin Episode II

Sports Outta Ballwin Podcast

Please enjoy the first ever Sports Outta Ballwin Podcast.  Topics include: St. Louis fandom, the NBA Draft Lottery, Sam Hinkie and “The Process”

Sports Outta Ballwin Episode 1

On Russell Westbrook and the Thunder’s downfall

Russell Westbrook was one of the most polarizing players in the NBA this season as he made a bid for league MVP while assaulting the triple-double record books.  But, how valuable could he be if his team only went 47-35?  The Thunder’s first round playoff series loss to the Rockets was a microcosm of their season and how it revolved around Westbrook.  It put the question of the sustainability of relying on one star into the spotlight. Continue reading →

2017 MLB Forecast – National League

1.  Washington

The Nationals have the most complete lineup in the NL, thanks to the acquisitions of centerfielder Adam Eaton and catcher Matt Wieters.  Expect a bounce-back year from Bryce Harper and continued progression from Trea Turner and Anthony Rendon.  The pitching is a bit more of a concern.  The rotation is fine, led by Max Scherzer, but without the health of Stephen Strasburg it falls a notch below the other NL contenders.  The bullpen could be a real issue, and it may require prospects to come up and save the day. Continue reading →

The Final Four – How did we get here?

After a first round with minimal upsets the 2017 NCAA tournament got wonky in typical fashion with each of the next three rounds featuring stunning upsets.  What is left standing: two 1 seeds who each had their doubters coming into the tournament, a 3 seed which lost a key player on the eve of the tournament, and a 7 seed no one saw coming.  A review of how each team made it through their region; Continue reading →