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Rolling the dice with first round quarterbacks

The newly located Los Angeles Rams made headlines by trading a hoard of draft picks to the Tennessee Titans for this year’s number 1 overall pick.  The expectation is that the Rams will draft a quarterback, and the two potential prospects are Jared Goff out of California (Berkeley) and Carson Wentz out of North Dakota State (Fargo).  The trade was met with much skepticism for the Rams, as many pundits thought they spent too much to move up in a relatively uncertain draft.  Then, shockingly, the Philadelphia Eagles made essentially the same move, trading a reserve of picks to the Cleveland Browns for the number 2 overall pick.  The Eagles are expected to take a quarterback as well, taking whichever of the aforementioned prospects the Rams pass on.  With both teams paying so much to move up, it is time to examine exactly how overvalued first round quarterbacks are. Continue reading →